Monday, 18 February 2013

How to cover Side Wall?

Friends In your home some time there is such a place there we can not do any thing with that, for example you have free corner which looks very much awkward. So you have to cover that place in such a way that it will act like a decoration not like store room. You can see in design given below that you can do painting at the wall, and you can put some artificial plants there, those also could be real one. If you keep on window there for fresh air and for light, then it will be good because to tun on light just to show your beauty is not good idea. It will be wastage of resources. So keep yourself with in limitations and use smart thinking to make your home beautiful. This is what i share My Choice My Collection. I hope you have some new ideas, if you have any thing then please must write in comments below. 
How to cover Side Wall?


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