Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Party Room for Guests

Party Room for Guests: When every you want to enjoy you try to celebrate it in the form of party. When you cann your friends then you have to do proper arrangements. So its batter if you make arrangements in a big hall. Not such big just little bit big. You can see in picture below. It have proper arrangement. The point i want to share with you people here is that look at the kicher area. It is very much close to that. Because its easy to take things from there, you do not have to walk long to take things from kitchen to party place. So my idea is that try to keep both places near to each other. You can see at roof its very simple and good idea. For the first time i am sharing such kind of post here in My Choice My Collection. I hope you people like it and will share with your Friends. 
Party Room for Guests


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