Sunday, 17 February 2013

Single Bed Living Room

Dear Visitors of my Blog My Choice My Collection, I would like to share some interesting cool new and innovative ideas basically these are interesting designs, which are related to our house. In the picture below you can see a design of single bed room. If your room is not exactly square then what should you do? You should place bed with your wall and the wall which is not straight you place your mirror this will make your room more beautiful and you can easily cover and place your things in your room. You can use lamp with your bed on small table. when every you ant to do some thing regarding designing try to use matching colour, like bed sheet and walls and most important cartons of your home. If you will take care of these things your room will look more beautiful. One more thing remember try to safe your things in lockers or drawers and do not let things spared in your room. This will make your room irregular and indecent. I hope you like This Interesting Design of single bed room. If you like it then please share with your friends to visit My Choice My Collection.
Single Bed Living Room


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