Sunday, 17 February 2013

Student Room

Dear Friends if you are student then you need to design your room according to your needs. You should have proper shelf's to place your books. Try to arrange your books in such a way that when you want to pick up any book you can find it easily. Do not arrange books in complex way that you can not find your book and for this you remove whole books and start finding one by one. This is not good technique, so always arrange your books in proper manner and arrangement. 
Now note one more thing. To study must have good light. Dark light will directly effect your eyes. So see there is a window and you have good enough space to sit there and can do study. This is nice idea, you did not need to have any study table and chair. Just make an empty space near window. 
while you want to study at night then you can come at your bed, turn on your table lamp and can read what every you want. For my this is perfect study place and excellent room for any student. If you are father of any child then try to think in this different way that your son will easily enjoy his study. its very smile decent and great look of a room. Do not try to use dark colours in study room, try to keep its design colour and arrangement simple. I hope you enjoy this post and have new idea in your mind. If you like it then keep on visiting My Choice My Collection and keep on sharing it with your friends.
Student Room


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